How to Install Bike Hooks in the Garage


Bicycle hooks offer cyclists a safe, space-saving method of storing bikes. Rubberized portions of the hook hold the bike either by the frame or by the wheel rim. Install one hook if you intend to hang a bike by the front wheel; two hooks if you choose the frame method. Mount the hooks on any strong part of the garage frame such as a wall stud or a beam.

Things You'll Need

  • Stud locator
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Twist drill bit
  • Power drill
  • Bar soap
  • Find concealed studs in the garage wall, using a stud locator. Procedures vary slightly with model, but in general simply activate with the "On/Off" button, and place the bottom of the stud finder on the wall. Slide right or left until the finder signals a stud edge. Mark the location with a pencil.

  • Locate the other edge of the stud in the same way, and mark it with a pencil. The stud lies between the two marks.

  • Measure the bike's entire length with the tape measure, from the front of the front wheel to the back of the back wheel. Add 6 inches to the overall length to allow clearance above the garage floor. Bike length plus 6 inches equals hook height.

  • Measure the hook height from the floor with the tape measure, and mark the hook location on the wall stud with the pencil.

  • Check the diameter of the threaded portion of the bike hook shank. Select a twist drill no larger than the solid part of the threaded shank.

  • Drill a hole in the center of the wall stud at hook height, using the power drill and twist bit. Drill deeply enough to match the length of the threaded portion of the bicycle hook.

  • Rub the bar soap over the threads of the bike storage hook. Bar soap adds lubricant to the threads, making installation easier and reducing the possibility of a jammed and broken hook.

  • Insert the tip of the bike hook in the hole and twist. Screw the hook into the stud until all the threaded portion is in the wood and the hook is oriented properly.

  • Lift the bike, and hook the front wheel rim with the storage hook. Adjust the wheel so the hook presses against the rim, not against a spoke.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wall storage saves space, but only storing a bicycle indoors in a clean and dry area prevents damage from corrosion. Moisture attacks a bike outside even if stored under a tarp in a protected area like a back porch, according to Jim Langley, Bicycle Aficionado.
  • Place two hooks at the same height on two different wall studs to suspend a bike from the frame's top bar.
  • Drill a pilot hole that closely matches the core diameter of the shank, always slightly less than the diameter of the threads. That cuts friction as you install the hook but doesn't reduce the hook's holding power. A pilot hole too small for the shank could cause the hook to twist and shear.

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