How to Replace a Therm Hot Tub Heater Element


Hot tubs are wonderful for easing away the aches and pains of every day life. When there are problems with your hot tub, the soothing stops and you now have a new pain to deal with. A common failure in hot tubs, like hot water heaters, is the failure of the heating element. Replacing the heating element isn't a difficult task but does require a manual for your hot tub. The most difficult part of the job is locating the heater element. One manufacturer that produces a large variety of heating elements for spas is Therm Products.

Things You'll Need

  • Hot tub manual
  • Water inlet plug
  • 2 Box end wrenches
  • Examine your manual and locate the heater element in the water flow path. Most heaters appear as pieces of copper or stainless steel tubing that enters and exits the water flow. The heater will also have two electrical wires attached to the center of two bolts on the element. These feed the power to the actual heating filament inside the tubing. As the filament heats up it transfer the heat through the insulator and tubing wall to the surrounding water.

  • Locate the heater on your spa and record the model number of the Therm heating element for which you need a replacement. Check for water inlet and outlet ports. You will need to isolate the heater from the water before replacing. Turn off the hot tub to eliminate the pumping of water. There are many styles of heating elements for spas; the simplest is a heating element that simply screws into the water line. This type can be simply unscrewed and replaced, but most of the other types of heating elements will require a different basic procedure.

  • Disconnect the water inlet and insert a suitable plug to stop the flow of water. Without stopping the flow of water when you remove the inlet from the heater you could easily drain all or a portion of your hot tub water.

  • Disconnect the wires from the two terminals on the heater. Carefully mark the wires to aid in reattaching the wires after you replace the heating element.

  • Unbolt the heating element and housing from the hot tub. Remove the heating element from the housing.

  • Replace the heating element with the new Therm element and bolt it to the housing. Reattach the housing to the hot tub.

  • Attach the electrical wires to the terminals that you marked when you removed the old element. The wires should attach to terminals protruding from the bolts on the element. Take care not to break the epoxy seal that holds the filament within the tubing.

  • Reconnect the exit water line to the element housing and then the water inlet line. This restores the flow of water to the Therm heating element and completes the installation.

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