Waterbed Fill & Drain Kit Instructions


Waterbeds have a bladder that holds water and lies on a heater to warm the water to a comfortable temperature. Adding more water to the bladder makes it firmer and more supportive. Reducing the amount of water in the bladder makes the bed softer to sleep on. Waterbed fill and drain kits include a pump and adapters for the bladder and faucet. Waterbed kits are needed to drain a bed to move it and refill it in a new area, or to perform maintenance on the mattress with chemicals to keep the water clean.

Things You'll Need

  • Pliers
  • Garden hose


  • Turn the waterbed heater off to protect the electrical connections.

  • Remove all bedding from the waterbed to access the bladder.

  • Remove the cap and plug at the foot of the bladder. Press all air bubbles in the bladder toward the drain and fill hole to burp them from the water in the bladder. Place the kit's insert plug into the drain and fill hole.

  • Place a pair of pliers on a faucet aerator in a nearby sink. The aerator is the round portion on the bottom of the faucet where water flows out. Turn the pliers counterclockwise to loosen and remove the aerator by pulling it straight off.

  • Screw the faucet adapter from the kit onto the faucet in a clockwise direction. Screw the pump hose onto the faucet adapter in a clockwise direction.

  • Turn the bottom of the pump to the "Drain" mark.

  • Place the female end of the garden hose in a shower or sink drain. Screw the waterbed mattress adapter to the male end of the garden hose. Screw the adapter onto the fill and drain insert in the bladder.

  • Turn the faucet on to prime the pump and start suctioning water out of the bladder, through the garden hose and out the drain.

  • Turn the faucet off after the bladder is empty.


  • Connect all items in the same manner as for draining the bed, including the garden hose and the pump.

  • Turn the dial on the bottom of the pump to "Fill."

  • Turn the faucet on to allow the water from the faucet to travel through the garden hose and fill the bladder.

  • Turn the faucet off when the bladder is full. Unscrew the hose adapter from the drain and fill hole on the bladder. Screw the bladder plug and cap on the bladder.

    Remove the pump from the faucet and replace the aerator by screwing it on clockwise with adjustable pliers.

  • Turn the waterbed heater on and replace all bedding.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only turn a waterbed heater on when the bladder is full. Too much heat in a bladder that is not full can cause the rubber to break down or burst.

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