How to Make a Stellated Dodecahedron Origami


The great stellated dodecahedron is a form of polyhedron that looks like a rounded sphere with many points. It has 12 faces, 30 edges, and 20 vertices. The great stellated dodecahedron is complicated to make in origami because it requires many sheets of standard origami paper connected. 30 pieces of paper are needed in order to make the 30 edges of the polyhedron. Once each paper is folded into a connecting piece, all you need to do is connect them to form your dodecahedron.

Things You'll Need

  • 30 Pieces of standard origami paper
  • Fold a standard sheet of origami paper in half horizontally. Unfold, and turn the paper 90 degrees. Fold the paper horizontally this way. You should have creases that divide your square into four smaller squares.

  • Fold the top right and bottom left corners to the center point. You now have a hexagon. Flip your shape over and face it landscape so that the long points of the hexagon are to the left and right of you.

  • Fold the top right corner halfway down the shape. Fold the bottom left corner halfway down the shape. You should now have a shape that resembles a parallelogram.

  • Flip your parallelogram over and face it portrait. Fold the top right corner down and left diagonally approximately an inch. This will make a point, and there will be excess paper sticking out at the left. Flip your shape over, and fold the excess paper over so it is no longer sticking out. Unfold all of this.

  • Repeat Step 4 with the bottom left corner, folding this corner up and right diagonally.

  • Repeat Steps 1-5 on 29 more sheets of standard origami paper.

  • Fit together your dodecahedron by sliding one paper (A) notch side up diagonally into the center of another paper (B), lining it up with the creases. The notched end of paper B should still be sticking out.

  • Slide another paper (C) notch side up diagonally into the center of paper A. Fold the notched end of paper B around and into paper C. The three of these papers connected should create a solid point.

  • Use the bottom halves of papers A, B, and C to create three more points. Build more points off of the bottoms of each paper until you run out of papers. Curve your points into a round shape using the creases.

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