How to Make Realistic Wounds


Some costumes just aren't complete without an oozing, bleeding, grotesque wound. Find out how to take your gruesome costume up a notch with a realistic-looking wound that will bring the "ew" factor to your Halloween ensemble. All you need are some supplies you can easily pick up at your local Halloween store and a few simple makeup tools you probably already have lying around.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Latex
  • Brush
  • Small scissors
  • Foundation
  • Foundation brush
  • Fake blood
  • Red face paint
  • Speckled, flat-top brush

Step 1

Start by creating the base for your look. We used makeup to create a zombie look. You can get the full tutorial here, if you'd like.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 2

Apply latex with a brush to the area where you want the wound to be, in this case, the corner of the mouth. Create an open circle with the latex (you'll cut out the middle of the wound in later steps and this will make it easier).

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 3

Tear the tissue paper into an oblong oval with jagged edges, and then press one layer onto the latex.

(Image: Michele Anderson)


  • If you don't have tissue paper on hand, you can use toilet paper. Just make sure you separate the ply layers so that you're working with one ply and a time.

Step 4

Add two additional layers of tissue for a total of three layers, applying more latex between each layer.

(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 5

Use scissors to trim the excess tissue at the edges of the wound.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Then, very carefully cut out the middle of the tissue paper to create the deep part of the wound.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Use tweezers to pull out the layers and widen the opening.

(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 6

Apply foundation to the tissue using a foundation brush to start blending the wound into your overall look.

(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 7

Use a small brush to apply red face paint to the center of the wound (aka the hollow portion you just cleared out).

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 8

Use a speckled, flat-top brush to dab red face paint around the wound for added realism.

(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 9

Apply fake blood to the center of the wound with a small brush.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 10

If the wound you're creating is accompanying a zombie costume, apply fake blood around the mouth for an added "ew" factor.

(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)
(Image: Michele Anderson)

Step 11

Now, all that's left to do is practice your "Thriller" dance moves in the mirror before heading out in your killer costume.

(Image: Michele Anderson)

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