Easy Homemade Scented Drawer Liners Tutorial (2 Ways)


Give your dresser drawers a makeover and a freshness boost with these easy-peasy DIY drawer liners scented using a simple essential oil solution. What's more, we'll show you how to make not just one, but two kinds of fragrant liners -- 1) Disposal paper liners and 2) Washable (sewing-optional) fabric liners. Both are simple and very affordable.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Things You'll Need

  • Woven fabric (pre-washed) or heavy-duty premium wrapping paper (wallpaper may also be used, but it's not as economical)
  • Iron
  • Fabric glue or sewing supplies (if making fabric liners)
  • Pinking shears (if sewing)
  • Small spray bottle (1 ounce size is ideal)
  • Essential oil(s) of choice
(Image: Maya Marin)

Measure Drawer(s) Before Starting

Before proceeding to the tutorials below, measure the inner dimensions -- width and length -- of the drawer(s) you'd like to line and keep those measurements handy.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Washable Fabric Liners

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Add one inch to both the width and length measurements you took. Cut your pre-washed fabric to these new dimensions. If stitching the hem, you may want to use pinking shears to cut your fabric to prevent the edges from fraying over time.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Step 2: Hem Fabric

Fold back 1/2" along each edge of the fabric and iron down.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Glue down the hem with fabric glue or stitch.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Step 3: Make Fragrance Spray

Add 1 ounce of warm water to your spray bottle.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Add approximately 30 drops total of essential oil (either a single oil or a blend) to the spray bottle and shake. We used soothing lavender.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Step 4: Scent Fabric Liner

Place your liner in the drawer and spray a few times with the fragrant water using a diffuse mist. If the scent is too faint, add a few more drops of essential oil to the bottle and spritz again.


  • Should you want a heavier fragrance, you may opt to apply a few drops of essential oil at full strength to the underside of your fabric liner. Alternatively, you can lightly spray the liner with your favorite cologne or linen spray.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Disposable Paper Liners

Step 1: Cut Paper

Cut heavy duty wrapping paper to the exact inner dimensions of the drawer. It's important that you buy premium and not flimsy paper! Though these liners are disposable, you should be able to get multiple uses from each liner (simply spritz as needed), making them cost effective. We recommend that you cut a bunch at a time so that you'll have more liners on hand, ready for future use.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Step 2: Make Fragrance Spray

Follow the same directions given in step 3 of the Washable Fabric Liner tutorial above.

Step 3: Flatten Paper (If Needed)

If you used rolled wrapping paper that won't lie flat, lay a separate piece of paper over the top and press down at the lowest setting. Once over the entire surface should do the trick.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Step 4: Spritz Paper Liner

Turn your liner over and spray the underside a few times with the fragrant water using a diffuse mist. Make sure to not get the paper too wet! If it begins to curl from the moisture, stop spraying and allow to dry a bit. If the scent is too faint, add a few more drops of essential oil to the bottle and spritz again.

(Image: Maya Marin)

Line your drawers and enjoy the pretty sight and scent!

(Image: Maya Marin)
(Image: Maya Marin)

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