How to Make Audio & Video Sync on a Mac

Compressed multimedia file formats such as QuickTime, AVI and MPG combine video and audio data into a single file. These formats store the video and audio content in separate tracks, which are then synchronized during playback. If not encoded properly, however, the audio and video data will be out of sync. Use audio-video synchronization software for your Mac computer to repair out-of-sync multimedia files. These programs let you edit the timing of the audio and video tracks to synchronize them.


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      Install Sync-Hole. This free application lets you synchronize multimedia files encoded with Apple's QuickTime format. It adjusts the offset of the audio and video tracks to correct delays between them. It also can stretch the video data to synchronize files in which the audio and video content drift in and out of sync. Enter the amount of seconds to delay the audio data in the "Audio is Ahead By" drop-down menu if the video lags behind the audio. Use the "Video is Ahead By" drop-down menu to fix errors where the audio lags behind the video. Click "Anchor This Point" to save the changes you made to the QuickTime file.

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      Download QT Sync. This freeware program supports QuickTime, AVI and MPG files. Use the "Reference Movie" mode when you want to temporarily adjust the video and audio track timings for multimedia files without permanently altering the original file. It also includes a "Self-Contained Movie" mode that lets you permanently edit the timings of the original file. Use the "TimeScale Units" drop-down menu to enter the number of seconds you want to delay the audio track to synchronize it with the video track. You also can use the "Synching" menu to correct files where the audio and video drift in and out of sync.

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      Use VLC Media Player. This all-in-one media player handles most video and audio formats, including QuickTime, AVI, MPG and MP4 files. It lets you adjust the audio timings during playback to temporarily correct synchronization issues. Hold down the "CTRL" key and press "K" to advance the audio track by 50 milliseconds if the audio lags behind the video. Use this keyboard shortcut several times to correct severe lags between the audio and video. You also can access the "Preferences" menu and then open the "Audio" sub-menu to access the audio synchronization settings. Enter the number of seconds to advance or delay the audio in the "Audio Desynchronization Compensation" text box to correct synchronization issues.

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