How Can I Review the History of a 1982 Skyline Travel Trailer?

The terms "travel trailer" and "RV," or recreational vehicle, appear synonymous but describe different vehicles. The latter has an engine, while the former requires a tow from a truck or van. Each travel trailer, including the 1982 Skyline Travel Trailer, has an assigned vehicle identification number (VIN). If the trailer was bought used, or records are damaged or lost, you can use the trailer's VIN as identification when requesting a vehicle history report. The report covers insurance repairs and other restorations. It might not include cosmetic repairs or routine maintenance.

Things You'll Need

  • Travel trailer registration papers


    • 1

      Check the vehicle registration papers for the VIN. If unavailable, look for a sticker on the inside of a kitchen, clothing or storage cabinet door. The VIN also might appear on a sticker on the trailer's body or tongue.

    • 2

      Copy the VIN down on paper.

    • 3

      Order a vehicle history report through a service such as Carfax, Vincheck and Autochek. Travel trailer VINs share the same database with RVs, snowmobiles and automobiles.

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