How to Frame a Burlap Sack


Burlap sacks are a part of America's agricultural history. Produce and other goods were packaged and shipped in burlap sacks before the invention of plastics and synthetic packaging. Burlap sacks, like feed sacks, are often stamped or printed with company logos and/or identifying text and are considered collectibles. Frame the text and/or company logo part of a burlap sack in the appropriate sized wood or metal frame. Burlap sacks can be found at flea markets, antique stores and online auctions.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Frame with glass and backing
  • Burlap sack
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Measure the width and the length of the portion of the burlap sack you wish to frame. Add 4 inches to the width measurement. Add 4 inches to the length measurement. Purchase a frame that is large enough to accommodate the size of the sack portion. Craft stores will often construct custom frames made to your specific measurements.

  • Disassemble the frame, removing the back of the frame that is wood or cardboard. Carefully remove the glass from the frame. Set the frame aside.

  • Lay the burlap sack onto a flat work surface with the portion to be framed facing up. According to Craft Ideas Direct, center the frame's glass on top of the logo and/or text being framed.

  • Use chalk to trace around the frame's glass onto the burlap sack. Measure out 2 inches from the glass on each side and use the ruler as a straight edge to draw a larger rectangle around the traced glass. This extra burlap will be used to tape the sack edges to the frame's backing. Remove the glass.

  • Place the glass into the frame.

  • Cut along the chalk lines for the larger rectangle. Do not cut the chalk outline of the frame glass.

  • Place the frame backing onto the table. Center the portion of the sack being framed on top of the backing. Fold the extra two inches of burlap at the top of the portion being framed over the frame's backing. Stand the backing upright and tape, horizontally, the burlap edges to the frame's backing.

  • Grasp the bottom edge of the burlap portion and place the burlap and frame's backing face down. The image/text will be touching the table.

  • Pull the bottom burlap edge up and onto the frame's backing until the burlap is snug over the front of the frame's backing. Tape the bottom burlap edges horizontally across the frame's backing with clear packaging tape. Repeat for the right and left sides of the burlap sack portion.

  • Insert the frame's backing with the attached burlap into the frame so the selected portion is visible through the glass. According to Craft Ideas Direct, the backing and burlap corners may be bulky. If it is too bulky for your liking, trim or tape the corners more firmly to the frame's backing. This part will not be visible when the burlap sack is hung on the wall.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may wish to cut another piece of cardboard that fits into the frame to cover the taped frame backing.

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