How to Clean a Truck Bed


Taking pride in the appearance of your truck is a common feeling for many truck owners. But the bed of a truck can be difficult to keep looking clean and shiny. The open area of the truck bed will collect leaves, road dirt and other debris while traveling. Cleaning the truck bed well requires a little more effort than some of the other body areas on the truck. A little elbow grease and some touch-up paint can keep a truck bed looking just as good as the rest of the truck.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom
  • Scrubbing wand
  • Power washer or pressurized garden hose
  • Automotive-grade soap
  • Automotive touch-up paint to match truck color
  • Remove the contents of the truck bed. If a tool box is installed in the front of the truck bed, consider it part of the truck bed and clean it, too.

  • Lower the tailgate and use a stiff broom to sweep out the truck bed. Dirt and debris tend to collect in the corners and around the wheel wells, so spend extra time in those areas.

  • Spray out the truck bed using a power washer or a pressurized garden hose. Start at the front of the bed, right behind the truck cabin and spray the water across the bed of the truck in side-to-side motions. Parking the truck on a slight incline, if possible, will help the dirt and water run out off the end of the truck.

  • Apply water to the scrubbing wand until it is soaked through. Apply the automotive-grade soap to the end of the wand and work the soap into a thick lather. Start scrubbing the truck bed at the front and work towards the tailgate, then rinse.

  • Apply touch-up paint to any scratches in the truck bed after the bed dries completely.

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