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Binary code is computer machine language that uses two different states, on and off, to translate instructions to its processors. The states are represented by the numbers 1 and 0. These 0s and 1s make up lines of code which in turn represent different sorts of values. Learning how to convert binary digits to decimal and ASCII representation can help you better understand the fundamentals of binary code.

  • Separate the numbers in the binary digit by a plus sign. For example, if the binary number is 1001, then rewrite it 1+0+0+1.

  • Multiply each separate number by a power of two, beginning with 2^0 at the right-most position. For the example, 1+0+0+1 becomes (12^3)+(02^2)+(02^1)+(12^0), which then becomes (18)+(04)+(02)+(11) and results in 8+0+0+1 or 9.

  • Check the decimal representation of an 8-digit binary number for an ASCII representation (see Resources). ASCII code is the numerical representation of symbols and letters. For example, if by using the previous method you convert 01001000 to the decimal value of 72, then according to the ASCII chart 72 represents the character "H."

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