How to Stop Static in a Coffee Grinder


Static electricity occurs generally any time two objects or elements move past each other, such as when you rub your head and your hair stands on end. The act of grinding coffee can therefore cause static from the beans rubbing together so quickly. This is most prevalent in high-speed grinders and causes the grounds to literally fly out of the grinder post-use or stick to the inside of the coffee ground catcher. While you will not get zapped from touching your grinder, as the amount of static produced is very low, statically charged coffee grounds can still make home brewing problematic. There are a few tricks to lessen the static effects. You can also experiment with different grinding techniques.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Use darker-roasted coffee beans, as the added moisture in such beans contributes to the dissipation of static-causing electrons more quickly.

  • Spray some of the coffee beans with water before placing them in with the rest of the beans for grinding.

  • Try home grinding with a mortar and pestle if static in your grinder continues to be an issue. Experimenting with different grinders can also help you find the best grinder that causes the least static. Blade coffee grinders, for example, are those that grind coffee via a blade that spins within a barrel-shaped precinct.

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