How to Remove Crimp Hose Clamps


Crimp hose clamps are designed for one-time use, because the act of crimping the clamp permanently deforms it, meaning that the clamp must be destroyed in order to be removed. These clamps have one or more ears on them that are crimped using a special tool to provide strong clamping pressure. They were once used mainly on components that are infrequently replaced, but are becoming standard in the industry in all hose-clamp applications.

Things You'll Need

  • Diagonal cutter
  • Flat-head screwdriver or nut-driver
  • Screw-type hose clamp
  • Depressurize or de-energize the system with the hose you intend to disconnect. Locate the crimped ear on the clamp.

  • Using a diagonal cutter, snip the crimped ear off the clamp. Use the cutters to peel the clamp remnants off the hose, if necessary, as the clamp can embed itself into the hose over time.

  • Install a new screw-type hose clamp on the hose, then install the hose. Rotate the clamp and hold it in a position that allows you to easily access the screw.

  • Using a screwdriver or nut-driver, tighten the hose securely. Do not over-tighten the screw or you can damage the hose, or strip out the screw, rendering the clamp useless.

Tips & Warnings

  • Exercise caution when removing the clamp, to avoid damaging the hose. Inspect the hose for damage or deterioration and replace as necessary.
  • Never use screw-type clamps to attempt to secure high-pressure hoses, such as power steering, A/C or brake hoses.

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