How to Scrap Out a Radiator


If you have a car radiator on your hands but no use for it, you might be able to earn some quick money by selling it as scrap, or "scrapping it out." Radiators are typically made of aluminum, one of the more valuable recyclable metals. There are a few things you need to know to get the best return from scrapping out a radiator for cash.

  • Contact local scrap metal dealers in your area to inquire about how much money they could offer you. You can find scrap metal dealers either in your local phone book or by searching online. Seeking as many dealer offers as possible will help you to maximize your earnings.

  • Describe the type of radiator you're scrapping to each scrap dealer you talk with. If they are interested, they will give you offers over the phone. Record each offer that you get, so that later you can be sure who gave you the best deal.

  • Pick the dealer with the highest offer to sell to, and deliver your radiator to the scrap metal dealer that you have chosen.

  • Let the dealer inspect the radiator to ensure that it is the model agreed upon. If the dealer is satisfied, he should pay you the amount offered over the phone. If not, you can renegotiate a price you think is fair, or you can walk away. Once you have come to an agreement, the dealer will exchange your radiator for cash.

  • Collect your earnings, which will typically be cash or a business check.

Tips & Warnings

  • Since you are likely to earn only a minimal amount of money from a radiator, you should factor in driving distance when choosing a dealer to sell to.

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