How to Paint a Bee Face for Halloween


Face painting has been a multicultural tradition for thousands of years. Tribal communities incorporated, and some continue to incorporate, face painting into spiritual ceremonies and battle rituals. Today, face painting is often performed at carnivals, fairs and birthday parties. During Halloween, many kids and adults also paint their faces to complete a costume, such as a bumblebee.

How to Paint a Bee Face for Halloween
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Things You'll Need

  • Thick circular makeup sponge
  • Wedge makeup sponge
  • 2 large paintbrushes
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Yellow face paint
  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
Step 1

Dip a thick circular makeup sponge into white face paint. Close one eye and dab the sponge over your eye to create a solid white circle. Repeat for the other eye to form the wings of the bee.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media
Step 2

Dip a large paintbrush into yellow face paint to draw the bee's body. Paint a long oval on the top of your nose, extending from between your eyebrows to the tip. Do not paint the skin over your nostrils. Dip a wedge makeup sponge into the yellow paint and dab over the oval to saturate the color.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media
Step 3

Apply black paint to another large paintbrush. Draw a solid medium-sized circle above the yellow oval on your nose. The circle and oval should touch. This will create the head of the bee.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media
Step 4

Use a fine paintbrush to sweep two small, curved lines extending from both sides of the head for antennas.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media
Step 5

Thinly outline both the bee's body and wings in black paint using the fine paintbrush. Lightly squiggle the paintbrush along the body's border to give the appearance of fine hairs.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media
Step 6

Draw three or four evenly spaced black horizontal stripes across the bee's body with the fine paintbrush. Paint a small line down the tip of your nose to create the stinger.

Pisney Sarah/Demand Media

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