How to Recycle Engine Block Metal


That old, cracked engine block may still have some life in it: it's recyclable. Several businesses devote themselves to the removal of such items for recycling. Scrap metal is a commodity, which is not only easy to remove and recycle, but can be profitable. Most scrap yards pay people by the pound for their scrap metals.

  • Contact scrap or salvage yards and confirm they accept and pay for automotive scrap metal. You can find scrap metal yards by consulting your local phone book's yellow pages or searching online for "salvage yards" or "scrap metal recycling" within your city and state.

  • Drain the engine block of any residual liquids, such as oil and anti-freeze, and collect it for recycling. Drain any liquids from peripheral parts that may still be connected, such as power steering, power brakes or transmission fluid. The salvage yard may provide recycling solutions for these liquids, and most service stations will take it. You will also need to reclaim the air conditioning refrigerant, if applicable, by the closest EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer.

  • Load a truck with the engine block and any other metals you would like to recycle. Drive to the scrap yard and get weighed on their auto scale. Attendants will usually weight your entire truck, complete with scrap metal and driver.

  • Dump the engine block in their designated area. Attendants may assist you.

  • Weigh your empty truck again. The difference between the two weights is the weight of the scrap metal, and the recycling facility will pay you by the pound for it.

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