How to Troubleshoot a 2000 Impala's Headlight


Troubleshooting the headlights on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala is a simple process. Three common issues may afflict your Impala's headlights: the connections, the bulb itself and the headlight fuse. Thankfully, they all have fairly simple solutions that only take a few minutes to perform. Driving with faulty headlights is dangerous, so the headlights on your Impala should always be in working order.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement bulbs
  • Wrench
  • Fuse puller
  • Replacement fuse

Checking the Connections

  • Open the hood of your Impala and turn off the engine.

  • Remove the two headlamp fasteners by pulling up on them.

  • Pull the headlamp assembly gently away from the Impala. Make sure the electrical connector is securely fastened to the headlamp assembly.

  • Remove the round dust caps to access the bulbs. Check that each of the three bulbs are securely connected to their respective electrical connectors.

Replacing the Bulbs

  • Rotate the bulb counterclockwise and remove it from the retaining ring.

  • Remove the electrical connector from the bulb by raising the lock tab and pulling it away from the bulb's base.

  • Connect the electrical connector to the replacement bulb. Install the replacement bulb by inserting the smallest tab on the bulb base into the matching slot in the retaining ring. Rotate the bulb clockwise to lock it into place.

  • Reattach the round dust caps. Reconnect the electrical connector and place the assembly back into the vehicle. Push down on the two headlamp fasteners. Close the hood.

Replacing the Fuse

  • Open the hood. Disconnect the Impala's battery. Use the wrench to remove the negative terminal first; then remove the positive terminal.

  • Open the driver's side door. Pull off the cover labeled "FUSES" below and to the right of the steering wheel. Locate the "HEADLAMP RELAY" fuse. If the metal rod inside the fuse is broken, the fuse will need to be replaced.

  • Use the fuse pullers to remove the fuse. Replace it with an identical fuse. Make sure the replacement fuse has the same amperage as the initial fuse.

  • Replace the "FUSES" box cover. Close the driver's side door. Reconnect the battery and close the hood.

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