How to Remove a Sony Vaio Cover

Sony Vaio owners must remove the cover of their computer prior to the start of any repair work. The cover serves to protect the inner parts of your computer from damage that could occur to the motherboard or other delicate components. However, you just need to remove the panel that lies on the right side of your Vaio because the other side guards the inner circuits of your laptop. You can remove the cover without much effort because it does not contain screws like other laptops, but utilizes a clip to hold the cover in place.


    • 1

      Remove the cables and outer components of the Vaio and turn the back portion towards you.

    • 2

      Grab the clip on the top right and pull the panel on the right side of your Vaio cover simultaneously. Do not release these parts until your panel comes out at a slight angle from your cover.

    • 3

      Remove your panel from the right side of your case to uncover the inside of your laptop. This enables you to perform any work you need to do on your laptop.

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