My BlackBerry Won't Charge

Most BlackBerrys will last you several years; however, you may experience a few problems along the life of your smartphone. If you've been noticing that your phone will no longer charge, the problem may be a simple quick fix. Before you take your phone in to get it fixed or buy a new phone, troubleshoot your BlackBerry to find out what the problem is. If your phone still will not charge, then it may be time to take your phone in to be repaired.

Things You'll Need

  • BlackBerry
  • 2 phone chargers
  • Working lamp


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      Hard reset your phone. This is done by removing the battery from your phone, and leaving the battery out of the phone for five minutes. Insert the battery back into your phone and turn it on. Plug the charger into the wall, and plug the appropriate end into your phone.

    • 2

      Plug a working lamp into the outlet that you typically use to charge your phone. If the lamp does not turn on, then the issue is with a faulty wall outlet. You will simply need to plug your phone into a different outlet until the faulty outlet is fixed. If the lamp successfully turns on, the charger may be broken.

    • 3

      Plug a different charger into your outlet. This charger does not necessarily need to the be exact same charger as the one you normally use, but it does need to be a BlackBerry phone charger. If your phone successfully starts to charge, then the other charger is broken and should be thrown away.

    • 4

      Look at the end of the phone charger that is plugged into your BlackBerry. There should be an arrow and the word "UP" written on one side of the plug. Ensure that when you plug your phone into the phone charger the plug is inserted correctly. Inserting the plug into your phone upside down can cause damage to the interior prongs.

    • 5

      Look inside of your phone's charging/USB port. You should be able to see the prongs on the inside of the port. If any of the prongs are damaged, or you see foreign objects in the port, then the USB port needs to be repaired.

    • 6

      Take your phone to a cellphone repair shop, your cellphone service provider or an electronic shop to fix your phone if it still will not charge after troubleshooting the device.

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