How to Make a Paper Camel


Children enjoy cutting out shapes from paper, which can help improve fine motor skills and can encourage creativity. One alternative to cutting out basic shapes from paper is to cut out animal forms, which can be placed inside a paper scene or diorama. For example, you can help your child cut out a paper camel that can be played with inside a paper or cardboard desert diorama. When finished, the paper camel can be colored with colored pencils or acrylic paint.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils
  • Place a sheet of paper onto a table.

  • Draw a wide 4-inch horizontal oval onto the paper. This will be the body of the camel.

  • Draw a narrow 2-inch vertical oval starting at one end of the body moving upward. This will be the neck of the camel.

  • Draw a medium-width 1-inch horizontal oval at the top of the neck. This will be the head of the camel.

  • Draw four narrow 2-inch vertical ovals starting on the underside of the body and moving downward. These will be the legs of the camel.

  • Draw details onto the basic form of the camel using a pencil, such as the camel's neck hair, lips, two-toed hooves and humps.

  • Color in the camel using tan, brown, rust and orange colored pencils.

  • Cut along the perimeter of the camel shape with scissors. You can now use the paper camel in your diorama or paper scene.

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