How to Knit a Baby Headband


What could be more adorable than a baby headband? This sweet little headband makes a wonderful baby shower gift -- it looks very impressive, but is actually quick and easy. If you're comfortable with basic knitting techniques but want to try branching out a bit, this is a fun way to explore some new ideas. Plus, you end up with a precious little present.

Sweet and simple!
(Nikki Van De Car)

Things You'll Need

  • 100 yards worsted weight yarn
  • US 7 12-inch circular needles
  • 20 inches of 1/2 inch-wide elastic
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
Step 1

This headband requires only about 100 yards of yarn, so it's a good project for using up scraps. Worsted weight works best because it's thick enough to hide the elastic underneath. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials.

Things you'll need
Nikki Van De Car
Step 2

Cast on 68 stitches.

Place marker and join to work in the round. Knit for 1 inch.

Purl 1 row. Knit for 1 inch.

Cut yarn, leaving a 30-inch tail.

Knit the headband
Nikki Van De Car
Step 3

Cut a piece of elastic 15 inches long. Overlap by 1 inch and sew around the edge of the overlap with needle and thread.

Overlap elastic
Nikki Van De Car
Step 4

Using your yarn needle and the long tail of yarn attached to your knitting, hem the elastic into the headband by inserting the yarn needle through the first stitch on your knitting needle. Place the elastic directly behind your knitting, then reach around the elastic to insert your yarn needle through the first stitch at the cast-on edge. You will have sewn a loop around the elastic.

Insert yarn needle through cast-on edge
Nikki Van De Car
Step 5

Insert your yarn needle through the next stitch on your knitting needle, reach around the elastic again, and insert your yarn needle into the next stitch at the cast-on edge. Repeat from until all stitches are sewn together. Cut yarn and weave in ends using your yarn needle, being careful not to pull too tightly -- the headband must have some room to stretch.

Hem in the elastic
Nikki Van De Car
Step 6

Cast on 40 stitches to make your flower. Knit 1 row.

K1, cast off 7 stitches, repeat from to the end of your needle.

Cast off 7 stitches evenly spaced
Nikki Van De Car
Step 7

Cut yarn, leaving a 12-inch tail. Thread your yarn needle, and insert it through the remaining stitches on your knitting needles. Pull tight to make a flower. Leave tail on flower.

Pull the yarn tight to make a flower
Nikki Van De Car
Step 8

Block the flower by rinsing it in cool water for five minutes, reshaping it, and laying it flat to dry.

Block in cool water
Nikki Van De Car
Step 9

Using the tail of the flower, sew it onto the headband.

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Tips & Warnings

  • You can embellish further with a second flower overlapping the first, or use a contrasting color yarn.


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