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Round flower looms were popular in the '60s and '70s. Several companies made the looms, which that were used to create looped yarn flowers. The flowers could be used singly to decorate scarves and hats or joined together to create scarves and blankets. Flower looms are popping up on the market again and like the yarn blooms of yesterday, they can be used to add retro flair to a variety of projects--from personal accessories to handbags and gift bags.

Things You'll Need

  • Yarn, 2 colors
  • Scissors
  • Large-eye needle
  • Insert your yarn into the notch on the under side of the loom, leaving a 36-inch tail hanging from the bottom of the loom. Bring the other side of the yarn up through the center of the loom and wrap it around the peg labeled "1," on the outside edge of the loom.

  • Bring the yarn over the top of the loom, to the opposite edge and wrap it around the second. The yarn should cross in the center, making a figure eight. Wrap the yarn around these two pegs, in a figure eight, a total of three times.

  • Wrap the yarn around the third peg. Wrap the yarn around the fourth peg across the loom. Wrap the yarn around these pegs, in a figure eight, three times. Continue this way until all pegs are wrapped. Insert the end of the yarn in the notch in the side of the loom and cut it leaving a 2-inch tail. These are the large petals of your flower.

  • Make a set of small petals with a different color of yarn on the inner pegs. You do not need to leave a 36-inch tail this time, a 2-inch tail will suffice. Wrap the yarn in the same way as you did the when making the large petals.

  • Thread a large-eyed needle with the long tail of yarn you left earlier. Bring the needle up between two sets of petals. Stitch over one petal to the right, bringing your needle down between two petals. Count two petals to the left and bring your needle up on the left of these two petals. Stitch over one petal to the right, again going down between two petals. This pattern: one stitch over and two stitches back, is called the "backstitch." Backstitch all the way around the circle. Finish with your thread on the top side of the flower.

  • Count three petals over, and bring the needle down through the center of the stack of petals. Go back two petals on the under side and come up between two petals. Again count over three petals and down through the center of the petal. This pattern: three stitches over and two stitches back, is called the "slant stitch". Continue this stitch around the flower until the circle you are making is complete.

  • Cut the yarn leaving a 2-inch tail. Gently remove the flower from the loom. Tie the loose ends together on the back.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can tape the loose ends of the yarn to the loom instead of using the notches.
  • You may use narrow ribbon or artificial raffia instead of yarn.
  • Do not use real raffia it is too uneven.

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