Knitting Loom Basic Instructions

Knitting looms are an easy craft that nearly anyone can do. The most common kind of knitting loom is a circular one, but there are straight ones as well. All varieties of knitting looms can be purchased online or in craft stores. Such looms are a popular craft because of the low cost of getting started, the low amount of stress on the wrists and arms, and their ease of use. Knitting looms are most commonly used to make hats, but needle knitting patterns can be modified for use on a loom, making almost any pattern do-able.

Things You'll Need

  • Knitting loom
  • Yarn
  • Knitting loom tool or crochet hook


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      Anchor your yarn before starting - sticking out at a perpendicular angle to the rest of the loom should be a thumb tack, screw, or other anchor on the knitting loom. Tie a slip knot around the anchor or just loop it several times, anchoring it firmly. Hold the loom in your hands or lap with the top of the pegs facing you.

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      Take the yarn and wrap it counterclockwise around the first peg (it will form a cursive 'e' when wrapped this way). Always be sure to wrap loosely. Go clockwise around the loom and wrap each peg one time. Continue this until you've gone around the loom three times, leaving three rows of yarn on each peg. Secure the loose yarn on the anchor for the next part.

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      Take the crochet hook or knitting loom tool. Starting at the first peg, pick up the bottom row of yarn with the crochet hook/knitting tool and move it over the two top loops and over the top of the peg. Do this on peg number two as well, and for the rest of the pegs on the loom, working clockwise around it. After the last peg, remove the yarn from the anchor and wrap another row of yarn.

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      There are various methods for finishing off an item from a knitting loom. In general, the method for finishing off will depend on what kind of loom you are using and what kind of item you are making. The basic finishing method for a hat on a round loom is as follows. After finishing the last row of one over two (the basic stitch described above), you will have two rows of yarn left on the pegs. Go around the loom and lift the bottom one over the top one. Cut off a 15-20" tail from your yarn, and thread the end of the tail onto a yarn needle. Use the yarn needle to lift off the remaining yarn loop from each peg. When finished, turn the hat inside out, cinch the opening shut and knot off the yarn.

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