Replacing Weatherstripping on the Bottom of a Door


Weatherstripping on the bottom of a door comes in two basic forms. There are sweeps that attach to the face of the door approximately an inch above the floor, and there are sweeps that attach to the bottom of the door itself. Examine the door, if you have a narrow brass or aluminum strip on the inside face of the door near the floor it is the first kind, if you can see a row of rubber fins on the underside of the door it is the second.

Things You'll Need

  • New weatherstripping sweep
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Tin snips
  • Pencil
  • Hammer

Door face Weatherstrip Replacement

  • Remove the screws from the metal strip at the top of your sweep using a screwdriver.Take the old strip with you for comparison. Choose as close a match as possible for easy installation. Door sweeps are available wherever hardware is sold.

  • Hold the new sweep up to the bottom of the door and mark it to length, the same width as your door. Cut the weatherstrip to length using a pair of tin snips.

  • Place the new weatherstrip at the same height as the original. The screw holes are typically slotted for adjustment, so this can be changed if needed later. Mark the screw holes in the weatherstrip on your door. Use an awl or small nail set to tap a dimple on each mark, using a hammer.

  • Drive the screws through the weatherstrip with a cordless drill. Adjust the height, by loosening the screws and shifting the sweep up or down until the sweep brushes the floor gently when opening or closing. Tighten screws back with a screwdriver to prevent stripping.

Under Door Sweep

  • Remove the door from its hinges by driving a screwdriver blade up through the hinges with a hammer to push the pins out. Lay the door flat.

  • Pry the weatherstrip loose from the bottom edge of the door with a flat pry bar until the nails give way. Take it for comparison. Choose as close a match as possible.

  • Hold it against the door bottom and Cut the sweep to length with the tin snips. Drive the nails in the sweep into the bottom edge of the door with a hammer, being sure the ends of the sweep are flush with the edges of the door.

  • Return the door to its hinges by lining up the door half with the jamb half and driving the pins back in from the top with a hammer.

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