How to Remove a Broken Easy Out


Easy Outs are used to extract broken-off metal bolts that have lodged themselves in a hole. Easy Outs are made from hardened steel and designed to be drilled into a broken bolt using a counterclockwise rotation. Sometimes an Easy Out can break off in the bolthole along with the bolt you are trying to extract. Drilling the Easy Out is extremely difficult and takes a long time to drill with a suitable carbide bit. In some cases, you should have a professional extract the Easy Out for you instead of doing it yourself, to avoid damage to the component you are working on.

Things You'll Need

  • MIG welder
  • Suitably sized nut and washer
  • Basic tool set
  • Punch and hammer
  • Drill with cobalt bit
  • Drill out the bolt extractor with a power drill or drill press with an appropriately sized cobalt bit. This method will potentially take hours and may not be the best option for some people.

  • Use a MIG welder to fuse the exposed portion to a nut lined up over the bolt hole. Place a washer in between the nut and the component surface for best results. The goal is to create a small weld that will connect the nut and the Easy Out so you can unscrew them both together from the bolt hole with a wrench or ratchet.

  • Use a punch and a hammer to work the Easy Out of the bolt hole. If the exposed portion of the Easy Out has a ridged surface, set the punch at an angle and tap it repeatedly with a hammer to rotate the bolt extractor out of the bolt hole just enough so you can remove it the rest of the way with a pair of pliers. You must rotate the Easy Out clockwise to back it out of the bolt hole, as the extractor features left-handed threads.

  • Take the component to a machine shop to have the Easy Out removed from the bolt hole, if possible. If you are dealing with an extremely sensitive component and do not want to risk damage to it or do not have the proper tools, it is likely that a professional machinist will be able to help you.

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