How to Make an F14 Paper Airplane


An F-14 Tomcat jet is a twin-engine, supersonic, sweep wing fighter jet used by the U.S. Military. Paper airplane enthusiasts make paper models of this airplane in order to fly them, or just to display them. More advanced Origami enthusiasts also make F-14 models out of paper. However, for a beginner, using a cutout will introduce them to the world of paper airplanes, and get them a good F14 paper airplane to play with.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Find and print an F14 paper airplane plan (see References).

  • Cut out each of the pieces from the plan. There should be a large wing piece, two small wing tips, a fuselage piece and a nose tip piece. Make sure to stay as close to the lines as possible when cutting out the pieces. Do not cut dotted, or broken, lines.

  • Cut along the dark lines of the wings inside the fuselage piece and fold the wings along the dotted lines, then open the wings out again. Fold the fuselage pieces in half along the center dotted line then fold the wings out away from the fuselage piece.

  • Fold the center fuselage piece down, into the fold, then fold the cockpit up out of the fold. Repeat this step with the other side of the cockpit. You should now have a thin fuselage piece with a cockpit sticking out of it and two small wings. Paste the piece at the center using a glue stick.

  • Cut the dark lines going into the large wing piece, outlining the small back wings and fold the wings into the piece at the dotted lines. Fold the two tabs on the large wing piece down into the wing piece.

  • Paste the wing piece onto the fuselage piece using a glue stick. The wing piece should be pasted onto the wings of the fuselage. The tabs on the wing piece should hug the fuselage piece and get pasted there.

  • Fold each of the two small wings down the dark line at a 90 degree angle and paste them onto the back of the large wing piece. Apply the paste onto the tab of the small wings.

  • Fold the nose piece in half and paste it onto the nose of the F14.

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