How to Remove a 350 Engine Head


Chevrolet first introduced its 350 engine in 1967. The 350 was essentially the same engine as the 327, with the exception of a longer piston stroke which resulted in the greater displacement. The 350 featured two cylinder heads. Each head contained the valves for its side of the engine. Although many of the cylinder head’s components can be serviced without removing the head, removal is necessary to service the valves.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Spark-plug wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Twist the wing nut at the center of the top of the air-cleaner assembly in a counterclockwise direction to remove it, then lift the air-cleaner assembly off of the carburetor.

  • Pull the vacuum lines off the sides of the carburetor.

  • Remove the bolts which secure each corner of the carburetor with a wrench, then lift the carburetor off of the intake manifold.

  • Remove the two screws which secure the distributor cap to the top of the distributor with a screwdriver and lift the cap off of the distributor.

  • Remove the single bolt at the base of the distributor and pull the distributor out of the back of the intake manifold.

  • Remove the bolts on either side of the intake manifold and lift the manifold off the engine.

  • Remove the spark plugs from the cylinder head with a spark-plug wrench.

  • Remove the bolts which secure the exhaust manifold to the side of the cylinder head with a socket wrench.

  • Remove the bolts which secure the valve cover to the top of the cylinder head with a wrench, then pull the cover off the head to expose the rocker arms.

  • Remove the single nut in the center of each rocker arm with a socket wrench, then pull each rocker arm off of the cylinder head to release the push-rods.

  • Pull each push-rod out of the cylinder head.

  • Remove the bolts at the top of the cylinder head and the bolts at bottom of the exterior side of the cylinder head with a wrench, then lift the cylinder head off the engine block.

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