How to Make a Rose Using Pipe Cleaners


Making a rose out of pipe cleaners is a beautiful way to decorate for parties, bridal showers or a fun craft for when your daughter has a sleepover. Pipe cleaner roses will make lovely party favors or simply to use as feminine décor. Versatile, inexpensive and readily available in craft stores, pipe cleaners come in many different shades, so you can make a huge bouquet to stick inside a flower vase for a one-of-a-kind decorative accent.

Things You'll Need

  • Six pipe cleaners (any color you want your rose to be)
  • One green pipe cleaner
  • Large safety pin (optional)
  • Gather six pipe cleaners together in the color you want your rose to be, as suggested by the Make sure the ends are even. You can find pipe cleaners in the crafts section of discount stores or at hobby and craft stores.

  • Twist the pipe cleaners in the middle approximately four or five times, this is just to make sure they stay together. After you are finished, you will have something that looks like a big bunch of cat whiskers.

  • Place the twisted pipe cleaners underneath your ring finger with the twisted section right underneath your finger. Bring the two ends of the pipe cleaner up and twist them together again a couple of times over the top of your finger. This will leave a ring section underneath the part you are making into a rose shape. This will help you hold onto the flower while you are creating it.

  • Open up in the pipe cleaners and spread them out to look like fingers.

  • Take each end of the pipe cleaner and bend it back tightly a tiny bit. You will start to roll the pipe cleaner along its line until you reach the center where the ends are twisted together. This will give it the appearance of a snail. Continue rolling all of the pipe cleaners toward the middle. Make each roll as tight as possible, from the beginning to the end.

  • Turn the two rolls that are closest to the center toward each other to create the first petals. Press them gently with your thumb, cupping them towards each other so it resembles the petals in the center of a rose. Continue doing this with all the different rolls, experimenting until each petal is in the shape you desire.

  • Create a leaf by taking a green pipe cleaner and twisting it above the ring shape, but beneath the rose. Bend the end tightly just as you did with each rose petal, roll the leaves to the center, and position it into the shape of a leaf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use the rose for a decorative ring for a bridal shower or a child's party. Alternately, you can bend the ring shape together after inserting another green pipe cleaner into it, twisting it so that it will hold and then place the flowers into a flower vase. You can also insert a safety pin into the ring portion and attach it to your shirt to act as a boutonniere or a corsage.

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