How to Change the Headlight Bulb on a Ford Focus

You rely on your Ford Focus to get you where you need to go at any time. If you need to get there at night, you count on your car's headlights to light the way. If your Focus has a burnt-out bulb, your visibility suffers. If you need to replace a headlight bulb but don't have time to go to the service center, get an HB5 bulb from an auto parts store and change the bulb at home for a fraction of the cost.


    • 1

      Raise the hood of your Focus. Remove the bulb cap from the rear of the headlight assembly. The cap will pull straight off.

    • 2

      Pull the electrical connection off the rear of the bulb. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise and remove it from the rear of the bulb. Pull the bulb out of the headlight assembly and discard it.

    • 3

      Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly. Replace the retainer ring and turn it clockwise until it is secure. Connect the wiring harness to the connector on the bulb.

    • 4

      Push the bulb cap back into place until it is secure. Repeat the process on the second headlight if needed. Close the hood and check your lights for proper function.

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