How to Make a Window in Photoshop


Making a window look realistic in Photoshop can be tricky but it can be done. Often it is fairly simple to render an object in Photoshop but adding realistic touches proves to be more difficult. This method will help you create a window that is worthy of inclusion in any photomanipulation.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop
  • Preselected image of clouds
  • Open a new document in Photoshop and size it appropriately. It can be any size you want but keep in mind that windows are generally taller than they are wide. Set the background to "Transparent."

  • Select "Layer" and "New" to create a new layer. Rename the layer "Frame" by right-clicking on the layer name.

  • Draw a rectangle utilizing the rectangle tool found on the left-hand toolbar. Size the rectangle to be the size of the framed window by pulling the handle bars of the rectangle. Color the rectangle by clicking on the foreground color selector. Choose black and fill the rectangle in using the paint bucket from the left-hand toolbar.

  • Press "Control," "Shift" and "U" to create a new layer that you rename "Inside." Draw a rectangle inside the black rectangle. The remaining black color should be the approximate size for a window frame. Change the foreground color to white and fill in the second rectangle using the paint bucket tool.

  • Select the rectangular marquee tool from the left-hand toolbar. Select the "Frame" layer by clicking on the layer name. Press "Alternate" and draw a rectangle the same size as the white rectangle. Select the "Inside" layer by clicking on the name.

  • Choose the "Frame" layer and press "Control" and "C" to place the black rectangle on the clipboard. Create a new layer by pressing "Control," "Shift" and "U," and rename it "Inside frame." To paste the black rectangle on your new layer, press "Control" and "V."

  • Draw a black rectangle slightly smaller than the white rectangle and place it directly in the center of the white rectangle. Right click on the "Inside frame" layer in the layers palette and select "Rasterize layer." Select the "Frame" layer in the layers palette, press "Control" and click the "Inside frame" layer and release the "Control" key. Right-click on the "Frame" layer and select "Merge layers."

  • Right-click on the "Inside frame" layer and select "Blending option." Choose 25% for the "General blending opacity" and 64% for the "Advanced blending fill." Check the "Gradient overlay" option and lower the opacity to 70%. Choose the black and white pattern option.

  • Select "File" and "Open" to open a picture of clouds that you already have on your computer. Click on the picture, press "Control" and "A" to select the picture of the clouds and then "Control" and "C" to put the picture on the clipboard.

  • Create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers palette and rename the layer "Clouds." Click on the "Clouds" layer and press "Control" and "V" to paste the clouds onto the layer. Press "Control" and click the "Clouds" layer, then press "Control" and "T" to freely transform the image. Resize the image so it fits inside the picture frame by clicking on the corner of the picture and dragging it in toward the center. Confirm that the placement is acceptable by clicking on the green check mark.

  • Select "Layers" and "Flatten layers" to place the image of the window and cloud scenery to a single frame. Choose "File" and "Save" to save your realistic window.

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