How to Remove the Transmission from a Kenmore Washer


Kenmore direct-drive washers use a transmission to operate the tub. Before you can work on the clutch or gears, you must remove the transmission from the washer. This requires complete disassembly of the washer. Although this sounds intimidating, the disassembly process is not difficult. The cabinet removes in a single piece, which will give you complete access to all the other components inside the washer.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • 7/16-inch socket wrench
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • 5/16-inch socket wrench
  • Unplug your Kenmore washer power cord from the wall outlet and shut off the water supply spigots. Pull the washer away from the wall and disconnect the water supply hoses from the back of the washer.

  • Disconnect the front of the control console from the top of washer. Remove the two securing screws on each end of the console with a Phillips-head screwdriver and raise the front of the control console toward the rear of the washer. The control console will sit on service hinges in this position.

  • Disconnect the wiring harness that attaches to the door switch plug. The wiring harness is on the top rear of the washer. Pull the wiring harness away from the door switch plug with your fingers.

  • Place the blade of a flat-head screwdriver into the clips that secure the top of the washer cabinet to the rear panel. Pry the clips off the washer cabinet and lift the cabinet away from the base of the washer.

  • Lift the cap off the top of the agitator and remove the inner debris cap from the inside of the agitator. Remove the bolt securing the agitator to the agitator shaft with a 7/16-inch socket wrench. Grab the bottom of the agitator and pull the agitator out of the washer tub.

  • Compress the ends of the compression clamps that secure the two hoses to the washer pump with a pair of channel-lock pliers. Pull the two hoses away from the washer pump. Locate the two retaining clips securing the water pump to the motor and pry the clips away with the flat-head screwdriver. Remove the pump from the motor.

  • Locate the wiring harness connecting to the motor and pull the wiring harness away from the motor terminals with your fingers. Remove the two screws securing the motor to the mounting clamps with a 5/16-inch socket wrench. Pry the two thumb clamps away from the motor with the flat-head screwdriver and pull the motor away from the transmission gear case.

  • Pull the washer away from the back wall and lay the washer on its back. Remove the three securing bolts attaching the transmission gear case to the tub support with a 7/16-inch socket wrench.

  • Pull the transmission gear case slowly out of the basket drive tube. The transmission is now completely out of the Kenmore washer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always disconnect power from appliances before servicing them.

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