How to Make a Teddy Bear Balloon Animal


Making balloon animals is a favorite activity at children's events across the world. Most balloon animals are not hard to make, and adults often enjoy them nearly as much as the children. If you're making balloon animals, be prepared to make a variety of animal shapes, including a teddy bear, which will surely please children of all ages.

Things You'll Need

  • One long balloon
  • Balloon inflator
  • Permanent marker


  • Inflate a single long balloon designed for making balloon animals half way and tie it closed. You will want to leave an un-inflated tail that is at least 6 inches long. If you over inflate the balloon, then it will pop. A teddy bear requires a lot of twisting and folding, so leaving enough "give" in the balloon is extremely important, especially since the entire bear is made from one balloon.

  • Make seven small bubbles in the inflated end of the balloon. The bubbles should each be about 1 inch long. Make the bubbles by twisting the balloon about eight times. Try to keep the bubbles as even in size as possible.

  • Find the third bubble. Leave the first two bubbles at the end (closest to the balloon tie) alone. Create a hoop of the five remaining bubbles by taking the end of the bubble closest to the loose end of the balloon and bringing it to the twisted edge between the second and third balloons. Twist the hoop together about eight times. Push the remaining two bubbles inside the balloon hoop, creating the bear face.

  • Squeeze the top bubble and bottom two bubbles of the hoop to make the remaining two bubbles pop out slightly. One at a time, carefully twist these "popped" sections to make them stand out even more. Twist about three to four times. Repeat for the other popped balloon. These two bubbles form the bear's ears. It should now look like a teddy bear head (with the balloon tie as the nose) on top of a long balloon.


  • Take about 6 inches of balloon from under the bear head created and fold in half. Twist into place. This makes one bear arm. Repeat again to create another bear arm.

  • Use the same balloon to create a 1-inch bubble for the bear's body just below the arms. Take great care at this point, as the balloon will have a lot of pressure built up and can easily pop.

  • Squeeze the remaining air into the tail of the balloon, leaving no loose balloon at the end. At the very end of the balloon, create a tiny bubble about 1/2 inch long This will be the bear's tail.

  • Take the tail and twist it around the base of the body bubble. Push the tail through the resulting bubble circle. Divide the circle into two equal sections. Squeeze these sections together and twist around the tail. This will give the bear two legs.

  • Arrange all pieces of the bear so that the arms and legs are pointing in the same direction. Arrange the tail so that it is pointing toward the back of the bear. Draw eyes and a mouth on the bear with a permanent marker.

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