How to Square Braid Lanyard


Braided lanyards make durable keychains, are a great way to wear a whistle, and can be used for a myriad of household purposes. Creating a square or box stitched lanyard is a simple project the whole family can enjoy with a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • gimp (plastic thread, lanyard thread)
  • Cut two equal lengths of gimp.

  • Take your first length of gimp and find its center.

  • Wrap the length of gimp around your index finger twice, making two loops.

  • Take your second length of gimp and run it under the two loops on your index finger, being sure to keep your first length pulled taught.

  • Pull through until you reach the center of the second length.

  • Take the right end of your second length and weave it over your right loop. Weave it under your left loop, pulling through.

  • Take the left end of your second length and weave it over the left loop. Weave it under the right loop, pulling through.

  • Pull your knot off your finger, slowly tugging all four strands in opposite directions. This completes your starter stitch.

  • Take the left strand and bring it over to the right, and hold it in place.

  • Take your right strand and bring it over to the left, also holding it in place.

  • Take your top strand and weave it over and under the two loops you formed with the first strand. Take your bottom strand and weave it over and under the same two loops. Pull all your strands tightly.

  • Repeat step 11 until you are ready to make a final stitch.

  • Finish your lanyard by making a loose stitch just like the ones you have made in steps 11 and 12. Do not tighten the stitch.

  • Take a strand, and wrap it around the nearest loop. If you are using two colors it must be through the nearest loop of the same color. Pull it through.

  • Repeat this process for all your strands. Pull on all four strands, then slowly tighten each individual strand. Cut off any excess gimp at the end and enjoy your finished lanyard.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember to pull tightly after each knot for a uniform result.
  • One method of finishing your lanyard is to melt the ends with an open flame. Be sure to always use adult supervision when using this process. Hair is extremely flammable. Never let the melted plastic come in contact with your skin.

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