How to Create a Vampire Costume


There are a few different looks you can go for when making a vampire costume, the elegant vampire is one of them. Using elegant Count Dracula as your starting point, here's how to easily make a vampire costume that doesn't, well, suck. Sorry.

Things You'll Need

  • Fangs
  • Capes
  • Formal Gowns
  • Tuxedos
  • Vampire Costume
  • Face Powder
  • Makeup Kits
  • Spray-on Hair Colors
  • Face Paints
  • Streak your hair with temporary spray-on color. White is traditional, but even vampires can think out of the box.

  • Tease your hair. If it's straight, gel it back; if it's curly, exaggerate that. Vampires are also glamorous, so upsweeps or chignons are all good 'dos.

  • Powder your face dead white. No matter your skin color, powder will make you look appropriately ghoulish.

  • Darken the shadows under your eyes with dark eye shadow. Rimming your eyelids in red or pink lip liner is a very effective dead look.

  • Darken your eyebrows and eyelashes with mascara. Drop-dead red lipstick is classic vampire, but white is deadly too and black would be scandalous!

  • Button a white dress shirt to your neck, guys. A tuxedo shirt is perfect, but any black suit and white dress shirt is effective.

  • Vamp up your evening glamor, gals. Black velvets, satins, lace or brocades are extra ghoul cool, but any dressy dress will do. A black tux? Excellent with low necklines or no shirt under your jacket. The look is elegant, and for grown-up ghouls, sexy is the last word in vampire wear.

  • Create a cape. A costume shop will have them as props around Halloween, but comb vintage and thrift shops, too. Making one is easy; just get a few yards of fabric and a neat old brooch and pin it across your shoulders. Think bats.

  • Slide in your vampire fangs. Available in costume shops all over, they come in plastic, wax or even edible candy. Make fangs with tooth black-out goo. Blacken the bottoms of your incisors to make your pointy canines look longer.

  • Add a few drops of red makeup at the corners of your mouth for authenticity.

  • Speaking with a Hungarian accent makes for a good vampire gag.

  • Nuzzle necks.

Tips & Warnings

  • Carrying an IV bag is always fun when dressing up as a vampire - as is a shoulder button or badge that has a silver bullet with a red slash mark through it.
  • Shop thrift stores starting in September. Comb through garage, jumble and tag sales, too.
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