How to Thread a Brother CE 4000 Sewing Machine

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Many people find sewing to be a rewarding and practical hobby.

The Brother CE 4000 is one of the most popular sewing machines on the market. Its variety of stitches and ease of use make it an ideal machine for most craft and clothing projects. Threading this machine is relatively simple, and after a few tries, even a novice sewer will be able the set the machine up with ease.


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      Place a spool of thread on the rear post. The arm typically has an extension for taller spools.

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      Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder. If the bobbin holder has a swing arm, push it to the right so the bobbin will not overfill.

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      Unwrap a few inches of thread from the spool. Pull the thread around the tension arm on the left side of the machine, then back to the bobbin on the right side.

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      Pull the thread up through one of the pinholes in the bobbin. To make this easier, you can wrap the thread around the bobbin by hand to start it.

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      Wind the thread around the bobbin, using the machine's floor pedal. Keep winding until the bobbin is full of thread but no thread is over the bobbin edge.

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      Cut the thread, leaving a short tail for the bobbin, and remove it from bobbin holder.

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      Unwind a few inches of thread from the bobbin and place the bobbin in the bobbin chamber below and in front of the needle. The bobbin is housed underneath the small metal plate below the needle foot. Make sure the bobbin thread turns counter-clockwise. Place the thread in the bobbin thread cut-out, a C-shaped space under the needle. Close the bobbin chamber door.

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      Unwind approximately 1 foot of thread from the spool on top of the machine. Pull the thread through the top left arm of the machine.

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      Wind the thread down through the U-shaped cut on top of the machine and back up, following the U-shaped pattern. Wrap the thread up and over the needle arm and back down toward the needle.

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      Pull the thread through the needle hook and out toward the left of the machine. Gently pull the thread under the V-shaped part of the arm.

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      Place the loose thread in front of the needle eye while pulling down on the gray lever. This will send the thread through the eye of the needle.

    • 12

      Grab the excess thread and place it under the needle foot of the machine.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you start sewing, hold onto the thread under the foot of the needle. This will ensure that the needle doesn't become unthreaded.

  • It might take several tries to get the thread through the eye of the needle.

  • Do not overwind the bobbin. This may cause the bobbin thread to tangle, which in turn will make the machine stop sewing.

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