How to Drive in a Car Game


While racing and driving games have been a staple of electronic gaming since the days of 8-bit arcade technology, many of the techniques required to master these types games have remained consistent. If you're stumped when it comes to figuring out how to drive in a car game, learning to achieve success, and therefore enjoyment, requires stepping back and taking a systematic, patient approach to mastering the controls for each new game you want to learn to play.

  • Give yourself a practice run to figure out the controls. Even if the game doesn't have a practice mode, use your first run to discover which of the game pad controls do which things and how they feel. Practice things like steering, accelerating and using any extra power boosts or moves. Get used to moving your fingers across the different buttons for a while before you expect to really play successfully.

  • Keep your eye on the road as far ahead as possible. Most good driving games try to create an accurate simulation of high-speed driving, which means that if you don't think about adjusting your steering for curves in the road until you arrive at them, it will be too late.

  • Avoid big errors, even if you have to go slower. Things like crashing your car into walls, running into obstacles or turning yourself around are, in most games, problems that will end up costing you more time than going a little more slowly throughout in order to be able to avoid crashing. Even if you have to start at a speed that isn't fast enough to win the race, you'll benefit by learning to steer accurately, then being able to bump up the speed.

  • Make small adjustments. With high-speed driving simulations, a small steering adjustment makes a big different in how the car moves. Most car game courses require only slight taps of the direction buttons or tiny turns of the wheel to change the car's direction drastically. Avoid large adjustments, as these are difficult to counter and make it likelier that you will crash.

  • Gradually incorporate any "extra" or bonus elements in the game. Once you have a handle on the basics of navigating the road in each game, incorporate any other game play elements (such as collecting objects or sabotaging other drivers) one at a time.

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