How to Replace the Fuel Injectors on a 7.3 Powerstroke


Troubleshooting a faulty fuel injector on your Powerstroke diesel will require a diagnostic computer to determine which injector is failing. You can have this done at the dealer or any service shop that has updated equipment to test Powerstroke diesels. The diagnostic computer will pinpoint which injector is bad and you then can replace it yourself. The option to replace all the injectors at once is available but they can be costly.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set
  • Torq wrench
  • New fuel injector
  • New copper washer

Removing the Injector

  • Unbolt the valve cover with a socket wrench. There are up to eight bolts holding the valve cover in place.

  • Remove the bolts holding the oil rail to the rocker arm cover. When all the bolts are taken out, you will lift up and pull out the rail. There is a feed line that runs through the oil rail. You can purchase a special tool at an auto parts store to remove it, which will give you more room to work.

  • Unsnap the wiring harness above the rocker arm cover. The harness will have two tabs that need to be separated from the side of the connector. Hold the tabs back and pull the connector.

  • Push the connector out of the cover by pushing it with a 19mm socket. It needs to be a 12-point socket. Determine this by counting the teeth inside the socket. There will be either a 6- or 12-point.

  • Loosen the torx bolt, which holds the injector in place, with a socket wrench. This will unseat the injector. Ensure the copper washer is removed as well. Take the old injector out and put it in a safe place.

Installing the Fuel Injector

  • Place the new copper washer in the injector housing. Replacement of the washer is crucial to changing the injector.

  • Position the injector where the old one previously sat. Start the torq bolt to seat the injector.

  • Lubricate the o-rings on the injectors with engine oil. This will preserve the life of the o-ring. Lightly rub engine oil on the o-ring with your fingers.

  • Torq the bolt to 24-foot pounds on the older motors. Torq to 26-foot pounds on the newer motors. Consult your manual or contact a Ford dealer to verify proper torq specifications.

  • Pull the electrical connector back through the cover. Connect to wiring harness by pushing it together. The harness will click once it is seated correctly.

  • Set the oil rail by hand before applying the bolts. Tighten the bolts with a socket wrench.

  • Place a gasket on the valve cover. The gasket can be purchased at an auto parts store. Line the bolt holes to the bolt holes on the valve cover. Ensure the old valve cover gasket has been cleaned off the valve cover before putting the new one on.

  • Start the truck and allow it to idle for at least 30 minutes. The motor will run rough until all the air is out of the line.

  • Repeat the steps to replace the other seven injectors. If you are replacing all the other injectors, you can replace four injectors on one side. The other four are below the other valve cover.

Tips & Warnings

  • Double-check your manual for all torq specifications. This will ensure the maximum performance of your Powerstroke diesel.
  • Ask the auto parts store about core credit on the old injector. When you purchase the replacement injector, the store will charge a deposit until you bring the old injector back. It will refund the deposit.
  • Use caution when working around the motor. Make sure it has time to cool off.

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