How to Replace the Rear Window of a BMW Convertible


Over time, convertible top windows take a real beating, particularly if they are made of plastic, even on a high-quality car like a BMW. The windows can crack, get scratched and yellow over time, making your top and your BMW look unsightly. The BMW dealers usually charge $600 or more to install a new convertible top window, but this is a job that can be done at home. New windows also come with detailed instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • New top
  • Plastic tool
  • Rubber cement
  • Lower all of the side windows. Unlatch the convertible top and lift it up an inch or two from the windshield frame but leave it in the up position.

  • Run the plastic tool that comes with the new window between the black rubber bead and the old window on the outside of the top. This will separate the top from the double-sided tape that is on the window. Don’t worry about damaging the rubber bead since the new window comes with new parts as well.

  • Pull the black rubber bead all the way out and discard it.

  • Remove the metal clip that is located at the bottom center of the window by prying up the teeth on the clip with a screwdriver. Remove the support plate for the clip. Loosen the clip from the inside of the car and move to the outside and pull it out.

  • Unzip the existing window and set it aside. Clean the top cloth where the window was glued on with rubbing alcohol and a rag. Remove any traces of the old glue.

  • Zip the new window into place. Be careful not to scratch the top or get any grease on it. You will need a helper for this. Have the helper hold the window in place from inside the car while you get the zipper started on the blue side of the double-sided window tape.

  • Install the metal clip that ensures that ensures that the zipper does not come undone. Insert the clip from outside the car, install the support plate and then bend down the teeth of the metal clip from inside the car.

  • Apply some extra 100mm double-sided tape over the clip. Apply rubber cement to the cloth top where it comes in contact with the double-sided tape on the window.

  • Pull back the protective plastic on the double-sided tape to expose the sticky side. Push the black rubber bead on the window around the edge of the top with the plastic tool.

  • Run your finger around the cloth top where it overlaps the window and press the tape firmly onto the rubber bead. Fasten the top and leave it in the up position for 24 hours.

Tips & Warnings

  • Replace the window on a warm day.
  • Do not get any solvents or grease on the new plastic window.

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