How to Clean Bulletproof Vests


A key part to any officer's or soldier's uniform is the protective armor. With all the action these men and women see in their line of work, their uniforms and armor can become very smelly with all the sweat and body odor from working. Most of the armor can't be put in a washing machine; that would hurt the washer. Additionally, the machine could ruin the strength of the armor. Bulletproof vests are made of Kevlar and they are not be be washed in a washing machine, but rather by hand.

Things You'll Need

  • Bulletproof vest
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Warm water
  • Rags
  • Bowl
  • Vest-Guard deodorizer
  • Mix a teaspoon of antibacterial soap soap in a bowl of warm water until sudsy.

  • Moisten a rag with the soapy water.

  • Scrub the entire surface of the bulletproof vest with the moist rag, Keep the rag moist, but don't saturate the bulletproof vest with the soapy water.

  • Spray the entire bulletproof vest inside and out with the Vest-Guard deodorizer. Vest-Guard deodorizer is like Febreze for armor; it kills more odor-creating bacteria with the higher concentration of alcohol.

  • Hang the bulletproof vest on a clothes line and allow it to dry for a day.

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