How to Install a Wix Fuel Filter


Replacing your stock filter with a Wix Filter is a step up in improving the performance of your vehicle. The Wix filter is designed to catch and hold all the sediments and debris coursing through your fuel lines. Wix filters are known for their high-quality construction and ability to keep unwanted debris from polluting your engine. Replacing a Wix filter is as simple as changing the old with the new. Ensure you purchase a Wix fuel filter next time you are ready to tune up your fuel system.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Socket set
  • Fuel filter wrench

Wix Cartridge Applications

  • Locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter is generally located underneath the frame rail. Follow the fuel line running from the tank to locate it.

  • Disconnect the fuel lines from the filter. The inlet and outlet lines will have quick-connect fittings that require unsnapping to remove.

  • Loosen the mounting bracket with a socket wrench to remove the mounting bracket. The filter will fall freely as the bracket is loosened.

  • Install your Wix filter to the mounting bracket. Tighten the mounting bracket till the filter is snug.

  • Install the inlet and outlet lines. The quick connect fittings will snap as you place the lines over the filter piping.

Spinoff Filter Applications

  • Locate the filters underneath the hood. The filters are located by the fuel injection system. There is generally a primary and a secondary filter.

  • Unscrew the filters with a filter wrench. Turn the filters counterclockwise to remove.

  • Fill the Wix filters with fuel. Ensure the filters are topped off, because you do not want any air in the lines.

  • Dab motor oil on your fingers. Spread the motor oil around the black gasket on the surface of both of the filters. This will ensure the filters are easier to remove when you have to replace.

  • Tighten the Wix filters to the fuel filter assembly. Ensure that the filters are snug to the fuel filter assembly housing by turning the filters by hand till they will not turn anymore. Do not tighten with a wrench.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ensure you crank the engine when installing the filters to check that the filter is running correctly. There should be no hesitation when applying the accelerator pedal.
  • Use extreme caution when working around fuel. The fuel is extremely flammable.

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