How to Sell Coyote Pelts


If you are an avid trapper and find yourself with a heavy cache of coyote pelts when the trapping season is over, you'll want to sell them for a profit. There are a number of companies and individuals that use coyote pelts to make a variety of products, and they may be interested in taking the pelts off your hands. Some buyers prefer to buy them unprocessed, so be sure to find out what the majority of buyers are seeking before you attempt to sell your coyote pelts.

  • Place an ad. You can run an advertisement announcing that you have coyote pelts in numerous hunting and fishing magazines, as well as online listings like

  • Attend trappers' conventions and events and bring your coyote pelts along with you to sell. Buyers often frequent these types of conventions looking for furs and pelts to invest in. This could also set you up with a future buyer for pelts you collect during the next trapping and hunting season.

  • Contact the taxidermists in your area. Some taxidermists may be interested in purchasing pelts for the fur, and they may know of interested buyers they can refer you to.

  • Set up a stand at a local pow-wow or mountain men re-enactors' gathering. Sometimes costumers who attend these types of events, as well as tourists, will be happy to take tanned coyote pelts off your hands. Be sure to investigate the prices other vendors are demanding before setting your prices, to avoid overcharging or undercharging.

  • Set up your own merchant's website. There are a number of free programs online that will allow you to set up an online shop where you can sell your wares.


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