How to Hang Microwave Ovens


Typically, if you are hanging a microwave oven, you are the owner of an "over-the-range" microwave, which is a microwave that hangs over the stove and doubles as a range hood that provides light and a ventilation system. If this is the case and your "over-the-range" microwave is newly purchased, it should have come with a wall-mounting plate and screws. If your "over-the-range" microwave is a used model and did not come with parts, you should contact the manufacturer of the microwave and order mounting hardware. Last, if your microwave is not an "over-the-range" but a countertop model that you would like to be hung on another wall, a simple combination of shelf brackets and screws will do the job.

Things You'll Need

  • For "over-the-range" models:
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Mounting plate
  • Power drill
  • 3/16" drill bit
  • 5/8" drill bit
  • 1/4" drill bit
  • Five 1/4" x 2" wood screws
  • Five 3/16" x 3" togglebolts with wingnuts
  • Posterboard
  • Three 1/4" - 28 x 3.25" self-aligning machine screws
  • Hole cutter attachment to power drill (large enough for outlet plug to fit through)
  • For countertop models:
  • Level
  • Two shelf brackets (metal or wood, large enough to hold shelf)
  • 20-Inch wooden shelf
  • 1/4" x 2" Wood screws

Hanging "Over-The-Range" Microwave Ovens

  • Use your stud finder to find the wall studs in the space underneath the cabinet (and over the stove) where your microwave will be hung and mark with a pencil where the middle of each stud is. (You can pierce the wall with a nail around the area to help you find the stud edges and pinpoint the middle.)

  • Draw a straight vertical line down the center of the space where the microwave will be hung. (The space must be at least 30 inches wide.)

  • Place your mounting plate against the wall with the top tabs touching the cabinet above (or the frame of the cabinet, should it extend downward on the wall). Line up center notches on mounting plate with the vertical line you drew in Step 2, then mark with your pencil the location of the holes on the mounting plate where five screws must go (one on each side bracket near the top, and three on the bottom bracket, with at least one screw going into a stud).

  • Set the mounting plate aside, and drill holes in the areas you marked in Step 3. Use a 3/16" bit in locations where screws are going into a stud and a 5/8" bit where togglebolts are being used.

  • Put the mounting plate back into place and mount it to the wall using wood screws where there is a hole with a stud and the togglebolts where there is not a stud. (You will use only five screws and/or togglebolts, so you will have some left over.)

  • Place a large piece of posterboard on the top of the microwave oven and cut it to fit the size. Use your pencil to poke holes through the area where the self-aligning machine screws will screw from inside the cabinet above the microwave into the microwave itself. (There are usually three holes.) Also, draw a larger hole near where the outlet plug extends upward. This piece of posterboard will act as your template to drill holes in the cabinet above where the microwave is located. (Newly purchased "over-the-range" microwaves will already come with a template.) If you are using a non-recirculating ventilation system, this area must be marked as well.

  • Put the template from Step 6 on the underside of the cabinet above where the microwave will be located and mark proper hole areas (and ventilation system if not using a non-recirculating system). Set template aside and use 1/4" drill bit and hole-cutting attachment to make holes in the underside of the cabinet.

  • Lift the microwave onto the mounting plate against the wall by tilting it 45 degrees forward and setting the bottom onto the bottom bracket of the mounting plate; you need another person's help for this. Tilt the microwave back so it is flat against wall, and while one person holds it in place, the other should feed the outlet plug though the top to the electrical access and also screw the self-aligning screws into the microwave through the holes created in Step 7.

Hanging a Countertop Microwave Oven

  • Use your stud finder to find the wall studs in the area you want to hang the microwave, and mark with a pencil where the middle of each stud is. (You can pierce the wall with a nail around the area to help you find the stud edges and pinpoint the middle.)

  • Use a pencil to mark where the brackets will be mounted, noting where screws will be drilled into studs and using a level to make sure brackets will be level.

  • Mount the shelf brackets into place using wood screws.

  • Position the shelf on the shelf brackets, securing the brackets to the shelf if allowed. (This depends on the type of shelf you have purchased.)

  • Place the microwave upon the shelf.

Tips & Warnings

  • Manufacturers often make hanging kits for their countertop model microwaves, so it may be worth doing an online search if you choose to go this route.

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