How to Hang a LCD TV Above a Fireplace With no Studs


Mounting your LCD TV is a good way to make a little extra room in your home. If the wall above your fireplace is where you want to mount your TV, you likely will not have the advantage of wall studs. Mounting your TV to a wall with no studs is slightly more difficult than mounting it to a wall with studs, and will take a bit more time and a different drill bit.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall plate with supplied hardware
  • Marker
  • Electric drill
  • 1/2-inch masonry drill bit
  • Socket wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver

Connecting the Wall Plate to Your Wall

  • Place the flat side of the wall plate against the wall at the height you want to mount your TV.

  • Use a dark colored marker to mark the six spots where you will drill the holes to mount your wall plate. You should mark three spots in the top row of slots and three in the bottom row of slots, making sure there is at least 6 inches between each hole.

  • Use your drill with a 1/2-inch masonry drill bit to drill the six holes you marked, drilling at least 2.5 inches into the wall.

  • Insert one of the supplied concrete anchors into each of the holes you just drilled, making sure the anchors are flush with the wall. These anchors are what will hold the mounting bolts in place.

  • Place the flat side of the wall plate against the wall. Run the supplied 2.5-inch Lag Bolts through the supplied Lag Bolt Washers and the holes in the wall plate.

  • Use your socket wrench to insert the bolts into the concrete anchors and tighten the wall plate.

Connect Your TV

  • Select the correct hardware for mounting your TV by threading bolts into the back of the TV by hand. Wall mounts are compatible with many brands of TVs, so they come with a variety of hardware, but only the correct hardware will thread into your TV.

  • Lean your TV against a wall and line up the monitor brackets to the mounting holes on the back of your TV, making sure the bottom of the bracket---the end with all of the small holes---is at the bottom of your TV.

  • Take the bolts you selected earlier and place a lock washer and a standard washer on them. Run the bolt through the monitor bracket and into the mounting holes on the TV. and Use the Phillips screwdriver to tighten the bolts.

  • Hang the monitor brackets over the top of the wall plate. The monitor brackets have notches cut into them that fit over the plate. Lower the TV down over the wall plate so that the bottom of the monitor brackets rotate into place under the bottom of the wall plate.

  • Slide the safety bar into the bottom of the wall plate, below the monitor brackets. The bottom of the brackets also have notches cut into them to allows you to slide the safety bar into place.

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