How to Build an Archery Target for a Compound Bow


The world of archery is very diverse with many different sizes and styles of bows and arrows to choose from. From primitive bows and arrows to the modern compound fiberglass bow, archery targets have long been essential to perfecting this precision hunting skill. Making your own archery targets can save money from purchasing expensive targets due to the fact that they are very simple to construct and require little labor. You can make an archery target from scrap wood and material around your house and with a few instructions anyone can make their own archery target for a compound bow.

Building an archery target for a compound bow

  • Build a wall out of wood using 12 two by six boards cut to 6 ft. in length. Attach the two by sixes to 3 two by fours of 6 ft. in length making a platform-like structure. Lay the 2x6's, side by side, horizontally across the 2x4's. Place the outer bracing 2x4's three inches from edge on both sides and the remaining 2x4 in the center and nail into place. You should now have a platform of 6-by-6 feet.

  • Stand the platform up against a tree--place a pole in the ground to keep it up or securely nail it into place. This will be the butts, or backstop area for arrows that miss your target.

  • Place three rectangular bales of hay or straw centered against the wall that you just constructed (bales should be 4 ft. tall when standing upright). Place two bales side-by-side standing upright against the wall then place the third bale on top across the previous two.

  • Obtain a large burlap sac or large piece of canvas and drape it over the bales and fix the fabric into place by nailing it into the wooden wall ensuring a tight fit over the bales.

  • Draw a circular target shape on the canvas or burlap using a permanent marker. You can draw your own or copy from a target template available at most sporting good stores.

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