How to Replace the Door Handles on a Camry


There can be a few reasons to change the door handles on a Toyota Camry, like one of the handles getting broken, or just a desire to install special aftermarket handles. If the latter is the case, you likely must replace at least two and maybe all four handles. Whether you're changing the inner or outer handles, make sure you have door handles that work with your model Camry.

Things You'll Need

  • Trim stick
  • Screwdriver
  • Torx socket
  • Door handles

Accessing the Handles

  • Raise the window all the way up. If your Camry has power windows or locks, open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable after raising the window.

  • Remove the bezel surrounding the inner door handle by prying it away with a trim stick. On some models, you must pry away the decorative cover in the middle of the bezel and remove the screw underneath the cover.

  • Pry off the switch plate for the power windows and the trim plate near the door's rearview mirror using the trim stick. Disconnect the electrical connectors for the switch plate, and take note that one of the panel's mounting screws is behind the plate.

  • Detach the door trim panel by unscrewing all of its mounting screws, prying around the panel's edge with the trim stick to release its clips and pulling the trim panel up from the door. Unplug any electrical connectors from behind the panel.

  • Remove the speaker from the door by removing its mounting screws, pulling it out and disconnecting its electrical connector.

  • Peel back the plastic water shield on the door.

Removing the Handles

  • Detach the actuating rod that connects the outside door lock to the latch by disengaging its clips. These clips are accessed through the access hole in the door.

  • Pull out the circular, rubber access plug in the edge of the door to reveal the lock cylinder bolt. Loosen this bolt with a Torx socket; the bolt will not come off completely.

  • Slide the outer door handle toward the rear of the car to remove the handle.

  • Disengage the inner door handle from the lock cylinder from by removing the bolt from inside the door opening and squeezing the clips along the outer edge. Remove the handle from the door.

Replacing the Handles

  • Insert a new inner door handle in place within the door, making sure its clips engage, and secure it with the bolt.

  • Install the new outer door handle onto the door by sliding it frontward into position. Secure it by tightening the bolt on the door's edge.

  • Reconnect the actuating rod to the door latch and lock cylinder by using its clips.

  • Reinstall the entire door trim panel in reverse order of installation.

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