How to Draw Chinese Faces


Creating a face is one of the most basic, yet most difficult, processes in the art of drawing. Facial features vary so much on a person from time to time that there can be many ways to draw a single individual let alone a certain nationality. Drawing Asian faces, or more specifically Chinese faces, can be a challenge but once you get the major differences down on paper it will become second nature to draw anyone from China without a problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Erasers
  • Ruler or guide
  • Draw a circle or oval in the center of a piece of paper, make sure it is large enough to fit the features of a face inside.

  • Create your eye line, a horizontal line that curves across your circle. This is where the eyes will be placed. The eye line should be about three-quarters of the way down your circle.

  • Prepare to give your drawing a three-dimensional look by drawing a vertical line at the eye lines at a right angle. This shows you the center of the face, remember it is important to keep facial features in the same place on both sides of the line.

  • Work with different variations as you integrate Asian features into the drawing. Round out instead of contouring the face, making it a little plumper than structured.

  • Set the eyes wider than usual and flatten them at the top with a vertical curve to the underneath like a bottom of a horseshoe. You can add thin eyelids or forgo them altogether.

  • Sculpt the nose wide with a flat bridge. This will make your face almost void of a line from the middle of the face to the nose. Place a small ball at the tip of the nose that blends with the nostrils.

  • Arrange the mouth to sit right below the nose. Create the mouth with less width than a usual mouth would look. It should look a little bit wider than the nose. Give the upper lip a small curve at the top.

  • Select high cheekbones that protrude a little from the face. Starting at the sides of the head, right at the eye level, draw an arc to the level of the nose on each side. This gives the look of the high cheekbones and makes them prominent.

  • Add small ears on both sides of the head and create a hairstyle that matches the face you have completed.

Tips & Warnings

  • The eyes can be tricky, research and collect different pictures of Asian people that can help guide you in the process.


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