How to Finger Skateboard & Do Tricks


Fingerboards are a popular toy among young teens. As the name implies, a fingerboard is a miniature skateboard, designed to handle as much like a real skateboard as possible, right down to grip tape and miniature trucks. With proper practice a finger board can do nearly any trick a real skateboard can.

How to Ollie

  • Place your index finger across the center of the board and your middle finger on the tail of the board.

  • Press down with your middle finger as you push forward, bringing the nose into the air.

  • Slide your index finger forward as the nose comes up to level the board and lift the tail off the ground.

  • Press down evenly with both fingers to land flat with the board.

How to Kickflip

  • Position your fingers like you are ready to ollie, but slide your index finger back slightly so that it doesn't quite cross over the entire board.

  • Press down on the tail of the board with your middle finger to raise the nose.

  • Bend your wrist in toward your body as you slide your finger forward, causing the finger to slide off the board at an angle.

  • Remove your hand slightly to give the board room to flip, and catch it with two fingers again as if landing an ollie.


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