How to Get Wario in "Super Mario 64 DS"


Back when "Super Mario 64" came out in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, websites and schoolyards were filled with rumors of ways to play as Luigi or ride the Yoshi hidden on the castle's roof. Although these rumors had no basis in reality at the time, Nintendo added in alternate characters when it remade the game on the DS, going as far as to replace Mario with Yoshi as the starting character. In addition to Yoshi, Mario and Luigi, the game includes Wario, who you unlock by beating Chief Chilly. To start, you'll need to already have Luigi unlocked by beating the Big Boo Battle.

  • Collect a total of 30 stars as any character, select Luigi as your character and head to the second-floor room containing the entrance to Snowman's Land. Take a power flower and walk into the mirror to reach and enter the Wario painting.

  • Slide, run and jump through Chief Chilly Challenge. Most of this short, linear stage consists of basic jumps on moving platforms. While there are a few enemies scattered about, you can safely ignore them. At the end of the level, climb up the hill and leap in the hole to face the Chief.

  • Punch or kick Chief Chilly to knock him into the icy water three times. After each round, the battlefield shrinks, making the fight a bit harder. To avoid being bumped off the platform yourself, try ground-pounding in front of the boss -- as long as he touches you before you land, you'll knock him backwards. After beating Chief Chilly, you'll receive the key to unlock Wario.

  • Bring the key back to the character select room to unlock the W door. Enter the door to change your character to Wario.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you'd prefer to fight the Chief as Mario, pick up the Mario cap on the ground before the final climb.
  • Wario's power flower ability turns him metal, allowing him to walk through windy areas and sink in water. Stars that required the metal cap in the original "Super Mario 64" now use Wario instead of Mario to obtain them. Aside from his special ability, Wario is the slowest character, but has the strongest attacks, can swing enemies around and can break black blocks with his punch.
  • Chief Chilly Challenge also contains two stars in addition to Wario's key, though only one, the red-coin star, is available on your first trip through. The first six red coins are directly on your path. You'll see the seventh inside a cage. Take the power flower on the cliff to turn Luigi invisible and jump through the cage to collect it. For the final coin, take Mario's cap and pick up the power flower to float to the nearby island housing it.
  • After unlocking Wario, return to the stage as Luigi to find the second star. Grab Wario's cap a little ways into the level, then take the power flower near the arrow sign pointing to the right to turn Wario into metal. Walk in the opposite direction of the arrow to cross the windy bridge and punch the box to free the star.

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