How to Fold an Origami Dollar Shirt and Tie


An origami dollar shirt and tie is a novel way of giving a monetary gift. The dimensions of a United States bank note, 6.14 inches by 2.61 inches, make the note a good size for folding the shirt and tie. Bank notes from other countries may be used as well, but they may need a little tweaking for the same results.

Fold the Tie Section

  • Fold the bank note in half lengthwise. When folding paper, a valley fold is made by folding the paper toward yourself. A mountain fold is made by folding the paper away from yourself. Use a valley fold to fold the note in half. Match corners perfectly and crease in the center.

  • Valley fold the long right side into the center crease. Valley fold the left long side into the center crease as well. Use your thumbnail to crease the edges. Unfold.

  • Open the note and fold down the right upper corner and the left upper corner so that the edges, initially the top of the note, meet at the center crease. Where the edges meet is called Point A. Each of the folds is a valley fold, creating a triangle. Valley fold the triangle forward and down.

  • Pull the triangle back up partially. This is the part where nimble fingers and patience pay off. Create a modified squash fold on the right side. Hold the right side of the triangle in your right hand, placing your right thumbnail at the base of Point A. Begin a valley fold at the base of Point A and radiate out to approximately 3/8 inch from the peak of the triangle, creating one side of the tie. The right side of the note is now turned inward. Turn this side back out, creating a mountain fold with the folded edge at Point A. The note will not lay flat, but will be somewhat cupped at this point. Repeat this step for the left side of the tie.

  • Turn the top of the note forward. Make certain the point that is the top of the tie remains sharp. The right and left sides of the note now slope. The tie stands out prominently.

Fold the Shirt and Collar

  • Turn in the right side on the lengthwise fold to meet in the center. Tuck the top of the right side under the tie. Repeat on the left side.

  • Fold up the bottom edge of the note approximately 1/4 inch. The white border makes a good guide for this fold.

  • Fold approximately 1 1/4-inch of the bottom portion of the note up and crease with your thumbnail. Unfold.

  • Turn the bill over. Press your left thumbnail against the left edge of the recently formed crease. With your right hand, hold the left corner between your thumb and forefinger. Pull the corner down toward the center crease, creating a fold that radiates down to the crease marked with your thumbnail. Repeat on the right side. Shirt collars are formed.

Make Shirt Sleeves and Finish

  • Turn the note back over. Turn the bottom portion up until the collar is approximately 1/8 inch from the bottom tip of the necktie.

  • Fold back out. On the left inside edge at the crease, place a thumbnail approximately 1 inch from the tip of the necktie. This is Point B. With the forefinger of your right hand, push the left inside edge of the note toward the outside. Press a mountain fold that begins at Point B and radiates up to the crease. Turn the note around. Hold your thumbnail approximately 1/4 inch from the collar. Using your forefinger, press the outside edge of the note outward. Crease a fold that radiates toward to the crease. The note now stands at a right angle, with a winglike shape sticking out. Repeat on the other side.

  • Turn the note over so that collar and tie face away from you. Mountain fold the note in half, matching corners. Fold the collar portion up. Adjust so that tie fits precisely between the collar points. Thumbnail crease the bottom of the shirt.

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