How to Fold Paper Money Into a Butterfly


Origami is the folding of paper into shapes and objects. Standard printer paper is not the only kind of paper you can use when creating an origami object. In fact, you can use paper money to create the shapes. Money will often work better because it is thicker and more durable than standard paper. One object it can be turned into is a butterfly.

Things You'll Need

  • Dollar bill
  • Fold the bill in half from top to bottom (long way) then unfold it. Fold the bill in half from left to right (short way) and unfold it. You will now have four equal sections folded in the bill.

  • Fold the bill from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner. It will fold over itself so it will look like two different triangles. Unfold this and fold from the bottom left to the upper right. Unfold this fold as well. You will now have diagonal fold lines from each corner.

  • Fold the bottom left corner up about a half an inch up to the diagonal line. Press firmly on this fold because you will be keeping it. Repeat this with the bottom right corner as well.

  • Pinch the left and right upper corners together into the middle of the bill by following the diagonal folds created in the second step.

  • Look to find the fold where the top and bottom edges intersect. There will be small folds emerging here where the corners were folded in Step 3. You will want to fold the top up and the bottom down. This will create the wing look.

  • Unfold one of the corners you just folded. Now, instead of folding it toward the top you will fold it toward the middle. This will create a small band that runs down the middle of the design.

  • Take the wings and open them along the folds already created in the previous folds. Follow this by folding the wings slightly down. Pinch the tips of the wings to give them a point and the butterfly will be completed.


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